A bramble of thorns entangles the ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood; see the matching items.

Price: $38.95


The scarab god of creation aspires to immortal rebirth in the Egyptian underworld.  Pair of stud earrings.  Don’t forget the matching pendant.

Price: $52.95


The most transient of notions, epitomised by the impossibly capricious dragonfly.  Make sure you get the matching necklace.  One stud earring.

Price: $30.95


The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be; unique black pewter finish, studded with Swarovski white and blood drop crystals. Check out the companion pieces to this beauty.

Price: $32.95


This beautiful pair of stud earrings, dripping with bloody crystals, betraying the emotional grief inside. Check out the  matching necklace.

Price: $49.95


Elegantly miniature Georgian silhouettes with black enamel coffin pendants.  (studs; pair)

Price: $54.95


A complimentary pair of studs to the Deco Gothique necklace representing the elite at the beginning of the 20th century. (studs; pair)

Price: $54.95


The epitome of wickedness. A Swarovski crystal-heavy pair of Baroque earrings matching their sister necklace. (studs; pair)

Price: $74.95


After the rare, massive blue heart diamond, which legend says once belonged to the empress consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870), before it was ‘discovered’ by Cartier, in 1908. (studs; pair) a perfect match to the necklace.

Price: $61.95


The heartbeat and inertia provision for proto-flying machine.  Single stud earring.

Price: $29.95


The Industrial Revolution of the ear; an essential lobal gear drive system.

Price: $28.95


Miniature guillotine blades, bearing the last traces of aristocratic life. See matching necklace P644

Price: $39.00