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Agrimony, or Agrimonia eupatoria, is an herb known widely throughout folklore by many names, including Church Steeples, Cockeburr, Sticklewort, Philantopos, Garclive, and Egrimayne, all depending on the culture that is referring to it and the time period in which it is discussed. Throughout history it has been given a reputation as possessing magickal and medicinal properties, with references within a publication of the London Materia Medica, and numerous other sources, and it has been widely referred to in ages past as an herb known for treating wounds and aiding in blood clotting, as well as being a potent component in treating snake bites, warts, and a variety of stomach and digestion issues. Perhaps most notably, it is an ingredient in the famous “arquebusade water,” which was used to treat wounds inflicted by an arquebus, or hand-gun. In mystical terms, it is also widely known for its ability to sedate, and even put men to sleep. In this circumstance it is used as a ritual component to a spell, and as has been found in prose in old English manuscripts that suggests that placing it under a pillow would leave someone sleeping until it was removed. Other spiritual and ritual uses found in folklore generally involving using it as an aid for healing, internally and externally, and in the expulsion of spirits, or exorcism.

In more modern holistic use, it is known as an aid in curing jaundice and liver problems, as well as aiding in digestion. Other uses include aiding in controlling and healing skin eruptions and irritations such as pimples and hives and athlete’s foot. It has also been known for soothing fevers, colds, and diarrhea. Most commonly, perhaps, it is known for being an astringent that makes a good mouthwash or gargle ingredient.

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