Mortar and Pestle Sets


Mortar and Pestle Sets

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This pentagram decorated herb grinder consists of an upper and lower half that open up to reveal an interior cavity studded with metal, nail-like “blades.” Simply add the herb you wish to blend or grind to the cavity and replace the top half. Grasp it between both hands and twist in opposing directions. This herb grinder measures approximately 3″ in diameter and is crafted of wood with a brass pentagram inlay affixed to the upper half.

Price: $11.95


With a traditional shape, this stone mortar and pestle has a black surface, carved with a patterned design at its base and rim with accents the band of Celtic knot-work that wrap around its center. Sitting approximately 3″ in diameter at its widest point with a 2 1/4″ base, this mortar and pestle is intended to work with small amounts of material at once.

Price: $17.95


This is a classic mortar and pestle set, used for grinding up herbs of all sizes and textures in kitchens, homes and rituals. Save yourself time and trouble as you grind sage, cinnamon and sea salt all at once.

Price: $16.95


A beautiful addition to your herbal tools, grooved for easier grinding. The marbling throughout varies in color from light gray to black. Measures 4″ high by 4″ wide.

Price: $26.95


A lovely pedestal style mortar and pestle, cleverly crafted out of green onyx. 4″ tall with a 3″ opening, each one of these mortar and pestle sets is unique in shape and coloration on the stone.

Price: $29.95


This deep bellied soapstone mortar and pestle set is perfect for keeping your herbs contained while you’re grinding them. It’s 3″ by 4″ exterior is adorned with two interwoven pentagrams connected to each other with a simple Celtic knotwork design.

Price: $19.95


Carved out of solid soapstone with pearl inlaid triple moon designs set into its two opposing sides, this mortar and pestle set is sure to be a favorite in both the home or your ritual space. Standing 3″ tall with a 3″ diameter and an interior depth of 1 1/2″, the heavy base and gentle ridging of this mortar will decrease spilled herbs or accidental tipping during use.

Price: $20.95


This cast iron mortar and pestle set is a witchy way to bring herbs and minerals into your spell mixes and blends. Resting upon three small legs, the cauldron rises up to a height of 2″ and a diameter width of 4 1/2″ where the carrying handle meets the mouths’ brim. The mouth of the mortar measures approximately 3″ in diameter, and has a depth of 1/2″, with the pestle measuring 4″ in length.

Price: $19.95


Sculpted from solid soapstone, this black mortar and pestle set measures 4″ wide and 4″ high, the mortar has a wide, deep basin (2 1/2″ deep) that allows you to work with a lot of material at once. The pestle, measuring approximately 4″ long, has a short, stout shape that fits comfortably in your palm, and allows it to easily grind and blend materials within the deep mortar.

Price: $23.95