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Welcome to Our Gothic Magazine Gothic realm, a website for everything gothic. Gothic is believed to be an extinct branch of language and culture that originally belongs to the eastern region of Germany. The traditional gothic culture and the people who belonged to it are believed to be the ones who overruled the great Roman Empire which was the one and only till that time. There are weird beliefs and myths associated with the culture of the Goths which says they are the ones who wore all black robes and put weird makeup on their faces as a part of their trademark. No matter what the Goths were a superior race and our gothic magazine celebrates all stuff about the Goths, their culture, their lifestyle, their literature, art, styles and so on.

The Fundamental and Practical Principles of a Gothic Lifestyle

To learn about the fundamentals of the gothic lifestyle we have to first keep in mind that the Goths were a tribe from eastern Germany. The gothic magazine will tell you more about the tribe and their lifestyle. The lifestyle of the Goths is often associated with dark and morbidity. The gothic magazine also calls them the worshipper of Satan and in fact, they take pride in associating themselves with the name of Satan. The lifestyle of the gothic people is quite detached from the lifestyle of the people in the mainstream. Their attitude and outlook are way different from others. They prefer wearing dark-colored clothes, not just black but purple, blood red, etc. makeup is an integral part of their lifestyle which comprises a pale base and dark eye and lip makeup with a pitch-black and poker-straight hair.

What is the Goth Subculture?

The gothic magazine reports the Goth subculture to have become the part of England in the 1980s when many people in England started introducing gothic lifestyle into their own lifestyle. The urban England lifestyle was highly influenced by gothic rock music and art and many people started adopting the lifestyle which was considered weird by many. The gothic rock music was given a name of gothic subculture and the gothic magazine says that the immediate rock bands like Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie and Banshees, and Joy Division made the genre even more popular and long-lasting. The gothic lifestyle can also be seen in the gothic-themed horror films. The gothic literature shows a great deal of the gothic subculture and in fact, it is in itself a huge part of the gothic subculture that prevailed in the mid-nineteenth century England and is now spread to huge parts of the western world.

Goth Rock Music Genre Overview

If there is a music that became immensely popular after the punk music genre, it was the gothic music. The gothic music genre had its own beauty as it dealt with the dark sides of life along with some romanticism. The genre is not older than the 1970s but has not failed for once to mesmerize its audiences ever since it has come into fashion. The gothic magazine has quoted some of the best goth rock music as the Bela Lugosi is dead and She’s in Parties and Dark entries by Bauhaus in 1982, My Immortal, Going under, Everybody’s fool, and Call Me When You’re Sober by Evanescence. This music of the 1980s have ruled the hearts of their audiences and are still considered to be the best classics of their times. These songs were ahead of their times and were massive hits due to their relatability with the realities of life.

The Best Contemporary Gothic Films

The gothic magazine presents to you the best gothic films made in Hollywood that you must watch at least once in your life.

  1. Mary Shelley: this movie is based on the life of Mary Shelley who is a gothic girl who has been abandoned by her lover. The movie is a perfect blend of summer love and melancholy with which almost all of us could relate
  2. Beetle juice: a typical cult movie with dark themes like a ghost, black magic, Goth makeup like black dresses and lipstick and perfect horror elements make this movie one of the must-watch in this genre.
  3. Addams Family Values: want to know about the gothic culture? This movie will present the entire culture perfectly to you in its playful manner, without making you go eerie about it.
  4. Gypsy 83: this film is a very relatable movie where a teenage girl from a gypsy village makes her way to the city of New York to meet her favorite star, along with her Goth best friend.
  5. The Crow: full of supernatural elements and a lot of excitement, this gothic film is a must-watch for those who love horror movies with black magic being an integral part of it.

The Best Goth Games You Should Be Playing Now

The gothic magazine presents to you the best Goth themed games that are sure to be loved by you if you are a Goth as well as a gaming enthusiast. Goth theme is often associated with horror and dark comedy. Therefore they are the perfect match for the Halloweens. Halloween Jack, House of Doom, Frankenstein, etc. are some of the slot games that can be played in the legal online casinos against the casino bonus to win real money. The casino bonus is a promotional bonus that the legal online casinos offer to their customers to play the slot games for free and win real money. Getting your casino bonus on online casino site it’s easy, just follow our gothic magazine guide and sign up for the online casino and receive your casino bonus.

What Defines Gothic Literature

Gothic literature is a type of literature that is a perfect blend of horror, romance, and death. No other form of literature presents the three prime themes in the same place in such a beautiful manner. Braham stroker’s Dracula is a perfect example of gothic literature. Also, stories like the Castle of Otranto, Jane Eyre, The woman in black and many more make the best examples of gothic literature.

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